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Coke binge reddit

By Michelle Tea. And I was.

coke binge reddit

First I did coke on special occasions. With the assistance of the magical powder, I could drink three times as much alcohol! And the alcohol somehow tasted better, more refreshing, more crucial. Know what else was fun to do on coke? Oh, I could devour a pack of cigarettes after a line. Breathing became intense on cocaine, like I could really feel the air being pulled into my body.

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Throw a cigarette into it, and it was perfect, like food for my lungs. And talking? In third place, after drinking and smoking, talking was the very best thing to do whilst on cocaine. Every thought became a golden jumble, with the delicious challenge of smoothing it out and releasing it from my mouth—a fat red ribbon of words endlessly unspooling.

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Talking was wonderful! Portrait of me, the faintest crust of sparkle around my nostril, maybe just misplaced makeup. A giant bottomless pint glass of beer and a cigarette freshly lit from the last. My mouth is open. I am beaming. I am telling everyone about how amazing it was to see Marilyn Manson at the Cow Palace.

I relish the telling — the performance — of my story, so ecstatic to tell with the cocaine lighting me from the inside. And then my audience rebels. This was when you could smoke in bars.

Sometimes I would be that someone, all my cash spent on beer and cigarettes, looking for that missing element. You could buy cocaine there too. At the old Albion bar, an ex-government agent — FBI?

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The agent would take from his pocket an origami envelope, and he would dunk it into his bag of cocaine. He would fold the top and hand it to you, and you would thank him with a There in the bathroom, on the long piece of marble by the mirror, you would lay out your line. Sometimes someone would come in and see you and ask for a bump. It was at the Castro-Mission free clinic years later that I learned what a missing element the cocaine really was. For the first time in my life, a bit nervous about my drug intake, I decided to fill out the medical questionnaire honestly.

Do you use drugs? What kind? Ecstacy, pot, speed, heroin, cocaine. How often? Ecstacy was a special occasion drug, just every so often. Speed, maybe once a month. Heroin, maybe six times a month. Every day.Cocaine is notorious as a powerful, addictive stimulant drug manufactured from the coca plant native to South America.

It is currently a Schedule II controlled substance because, despite some medical utility, it has a high potential for abuse and may lead to severe psychological and physical dependence. Currently, it is used as a local anesthetic for very limited surgical procedures, usually involving the ear, nose, and throat.

The drug is commonly snorted through the nose, but it may also be smoked or injected. People who abuse cocaine often use the drug in a binge pattern—taking larger and larger doses over a period of days or even weeks. Comedowns are similar to alcohol hangovers for many people, but some symptoms may be very intense and different from alcohol hangovers. People who experience serious symptoms from abusing cocaine are at risk of bingeing the drug because they may take a lot more of it to offset the comedown symptoms.

In many cases, cocaine abuse occurs because people seek stimulating effects like: 1. People who experience serious symptoms from abusing cocaine are at greater risk of bingeing the drug because they may take a lot more of it to offset the comedown symptoms.

coke binge reddit

Cocaine use is accompanied by an increase in dopamine activity, which leads to the intensely euphoric effects often reported. As the drug wears off, there is relatively less dopamine active in the brain, and that can lead to the opposite of many of these effects: depression, physical slowness or sluggishness, foggy thinking, exhaustion but trouble sleeping, aches and pains, and more.

There is no reason you need to or should go through the pains of Cocaine withdrawal alone. At River Oaks Treatment Center, we offer a variety of Cocaine addiction and withdrawal treatment services including medical detox. Cocaine hits the brain very quickly, so effects begin soon after the first dose is consumed. Because the drug is metabolized rapidly, the effects wear off in about an hour, which may trigger immediate comedown symptoms.

This, in turn, may trigger a binge as the person takes too much to avoid depression or feeling sluggish. A cocaine binge may include symptoms like: 3.

Can Caffeine Lead to Binge Eating?

People who develop significant physiological dependence to cocain from consistent use are at risk of experiencing withdrawal.

Some symptoms will become more intense, some will be less intense, and some will change. Phase 2: Decreased cravings, increased inability to concentrate, emotional swings or irritability, and lethargy. Phase 3: Intermittent craving associated with addiction even after the drug has long been out of the body. Most people are able to detox from cocaine in two weeks with medical supervision. However, some people repeatedly attempt to stop abusing cocaine without medical supervision and relapse.

They may develop post-acute withdrawal syndrome PAWSwhich can last for weeks or even months. Psychological symptoms, physical aches and pains, and drug cravings may increase or decrease in intensity over that time.

Abusing cocaine even once can lead to a binge, which can trigger addiction or an overdose, so it is important to know how to take care of oneself when the depression and flu-like symptoms of withdrawal hit.

We will tailor treatment for your needs. If a person who abuses cocaine goes on a bingethey may experience significant changes in brain chemistry. Psychotic symptoms may arise, or they may experience depression when they eventually detox from the drug.Doesn't mean I'm kin with him, I just like him and the game, so I had a dumb dream where I was him.

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Recently Liked. Prepared to get triggered Tumblr really pisses me off.Guest over a year ago. I sometimes wonder too whether its some underlying disorder - especially in the few days after a binge!

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I think we are fine though - its not us its the binging, it affects some more harshly than others. From my research i can tell you that alcohol supresses the nervous system. If we depress the nerves for long periods through binge drinking our body reacts once the alcohol has gone by releasing adrenalin to compensate,making us feel severe anxiety - that totally unbearable fear that grabs you right by the chest. I hate it! I also beleive the fact that i know that binging is wrong and not healthy feeds my anxiety with enough negativity to maximise its awful potential - this is why maybe my friends dont get "the fear" as they call it as badly, they just dont see a problem with it.

I hope i will have the mental strength in the future to know better than to binge all nite because its just not worth it. Stope the binging, stop the anxiety simple as that.

Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a year ago Sometime I can binge drink and be fine. When I slip up and binge drink more then 10 beers per occasion I wake up with severe anxiety and panic attack that can last up to 7 days before I feel normal again. I feel suicidal at time during this time. The morning after this binge drinking I usally feel like I want to jump out of my skin and repeat purge to try and make myself feel better.

I crying an crying uncontrollablely. I also take adtivan to try and make my self sleep in hopes that it will go away. My friend seem to hardly get hungover while I am unable to function properly for up to week. I enjoy drinking and try to limit myself.

coke binge reddit

I tend to drink probably once ever 2 months. I just wanted to find out why this happens to me. I feel as if I have some kind of severe under laying mental problem. What should I do if this happens again. Guest over a year ago thank you so much for the reply. Its so conforting to realize there is other people that this happens to. I would like to be able to chat with you more closelty about this. You are just like me. I also go on the net after and search for a reason why I have to suffer so much.

Guest over a year ago Ok so I am in the middle of the exact same problem but maybe worse, im 25 years old, was a heavy drinker for years, then slowed down to only weekends, but bing drinking on those weekends I mean probably drinks a night.

Anyway, I stop drinking for a month and then go to Vegas, drink non stop for 4 days, and drink about 20 energy drinks, last night im there, I drink probably at least 40 drinks in a 24 hour span.The symptoms of stimulant comedowns will be affected by the drug used as well as the intensity and length of use. With certain chemicals a particularly harsh comedown may also include withdrawal symptoms, due to a chemical addiction having formed during the period of use. After a longer or heavier period of abuse, the above effects will be intensified and lengthened and may begin to include the following:.

Many of the symptoms of a stimulant comedown are caused by the user not having looked after their body during a binge, since the effects of the drug make the user feel as if they don't have to do so. Therefore, you can actually mitigate or even entirely avoid a lot of ill effects by observing a few basic guidelines during the period of use:.

The main factor in overcoming a stimulant comedown is time, however one can treat them in a number of ways which work in both providing your body the materials it needs to heal as well as helping to abate the symptoms during the healing process. Stimulant comedowns are extremely unpleasant experiences, so it would be very wise to try and remember what you're trying to avoid next time you engage in stimulant drugs.

If you do choose to use stimulants again, then see mitigating stimulant comedowns to help avoid reaching the same state again. Toggle navigation.

Quick Guide to Stimulant Comedowns. RealityPhysical and GrimReaper. Category : Guides.My cocaine addiction left me deranged, delusional and on the brink of death. It took 10 years and four stints in rehab before I got sober. The author at home with her husband, her nine-month old daughter, and her dog. I was always an anxious kid.

coke binge reddit

My earliest memories involve hopping over cracks on the sidewalk, counting out steps, tapping my foot quietly so that no one could hear and pulling the corners of my pillowcase several times before I could go to bed.

I often awoke drenched in sweat. There was no obvious reason for my perpetual unease. I grew up in a beautiful Forest Hill home, the second youngest of four siblings. My dad was a financial whiz who published a book on quantitative marketing when he was 26 I can barely understand a word of it and then ran his own marketing firm. My mum stayed at home; she later got a PhD in sociology and worked as a consultant. I remember telling a friend that the rules of private school were suffocating me.

Really, I was just sad. I always felt uncomfortable in my own skin. At Deer Park, my academic performance slid but my confidence grew. To my classmates, I was exotic: a private school refugee. My parents had recently divorced, and I started acting out. I began drinking and smoking pot every weekend, getting blitzed and messing around with random guys.

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When I started high school at North Toronto Collegiate the next year, it quickly devolved into something else entirely. My friends and I would drop acid all weekend. My parents were stressed and exhausted. I told them I hated them on a regular basis. When they sent me to therapists, I told them I hated them, too. I was having the time of my life. I was cool.

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I was outrageous. They changed me, if only for a moment, and the promise of that moment was too alluring to resist. I started dating my friend Adam in the summer before Grade After high school I started at McGill.

We rented a place together in Montreal, on Avenue des Pins. I introduced him to Woody Allen movies. He taught me about jazz, literature and how to wear a black baseball hat with every outfit.

My parents thought Adam was a stabilizing influence. They were grateful.What does scientific research tell us about people overcoming substance use problems? I have previously described the study with US veterans who stopped using heroin after they returned from Vietnam, showing that the common belief that heroin is highly addictive cannot be generalised to all situations.

A variety of other scientific studies have been conducted with people who have recovered from addiction to other substances and we look at another of these studies in this chapter. Dan Waldorf and colleagues conducted the most comprehensive ethnographic study of heavy cocaine users in the mids in northern California. They interviewed current and former heavy users of cocaine, a sample that did not include people in treatment programmes or in prison.

Using cocaine powder Nearly all the respondents first tried cocaine when it was offered by a trusted friend. Many of the sample reported that they did not get high the first time they snorted cocaine.

They had to learn both to experience and then to appreciate the subtle euphoric effects of the drug. The majority of respondents increased their use gradually — there was no uniform progression or pattern.

Hell and Back

The slow escalation was likely due in part to a general increase in the availability of cocaine in Northern California at the time. Two other factors were often cited as contributing to escalating use: a slow increase in tolerance for the drug, and the seductive and insidious nature of the drug itself.

The tolerance reported with cocaine appeared to be somewhat different to that observed with opiates. Whilst some users reported increasing their doses of drug, they did not generally report decreased effects of the same dose. Rather than needing more of the drug to get the same effect, they reported wanting the same effect again and again.

The researchers described four relatively discrete patterns of use. Hogs showed a consistent, very heavy daily use. Nippers used regularly, often every day, but only in relatively small amounts. These users kept their drug use subordinated to work and family responsibilities, and often avoided the negative effects associated with heavy use.

Bingers used cocaine heavily and then lay off the drug for days or weeks. Use was often constrained by personal finances or by prolonged negative effects. Some bingers found their binges getting longer and longer.

The researchers reported a considerable movement by individuals from one form of use to another. Although some users followed a downward spiral from experimental use to addiction, as many others nipped and then binged and then nipped again. Others moved from heavy binge use or sustained abuse to ceremonial use.

Problems following cocaine use Long-term daily use of cocaine or regular heavy binges often led to problems. The most frequently mentioned were nasal irritations, paranoia, insomnia, strained relationships with their wife or husband, depleted savings, hangover days at work, and periodic sexual difficulties. Some of these problems were reported as serious, but many were not. They seemed to get pleasure from cocaine, and accepted the problems as part of the territory.

Most of the sample agreed that moderate use of cocaine can be an exceedingly enjoyable experience — it produced euphoria, more energy, a certain intellectual focus, enhanced sensations, an increased sociability and social intimacy. However, daily use or regular binges transformed the experience of the cocaine high. The initial euphoria slowly and subtly became dysphoria, whilst feelings of well-being turned into feelings of being unwell and unhappy.

Feeling energetic was replaced with feeling apathetic. For some heavy users, the world that had once been good to live in became a place that was far less hospitable — paranoia increased and depression sometimes developed.

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